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Hedonist was created in February 2012 in the Cognac A.O.C. region of France by Hedonist Spirits, a French spirits production company based in the Cognac region, near Bordeaux.



It specializes in the production of brown spirits such as Cognac, Rhums and Liqueurs. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of their concerns.

They operate in different categories in all regions of the world. of the world. They believe in shaping things differently and going further than what already exists. That's why their simple vision statement is "Reshaping minds".


Its main brands HEDONIST, an innovative cognac and ginger liqueur, HEE JOY, a super premium rum range of traditional rums from Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana of traditional rums from Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana, and GUN'S BELL, a spiced Rebel and Wild caribbean blended rum, These products are aimed at the retail and on-the-go trade.

Hedonist is a modern liqueur with a subtle blend of VS Cognac, ginger and vanilla.
Traditional Cognac harvesting and production have led to the meticulous development of Hedonist, which continues to seduce connoisseurs of new tastes.

Hedonist is a subtle blend of Cognac, natural ginger Cognac, natural ginger infused with a hint of vanilla.


Thanks to its unique composition, this liqueur has become a renowned base for new cocktail recipes, inspiring the whole world of bartending. This liqueur is so special that it can be served as a cocktail in its own right.



Color - Brown with lime-green highlights.

Nose - Precise. Beautiful intensity, aromatic richness.

Notes of noble wood, candied citrus, white fruit, lemon, evolving to vanilla, sweet spices.

Palate - Lively, fruity attack, silky mouthfeel. Fine aromas, warm spices (vanilla).

Finish - Slight bitterness (ginger), perfect balance.

Tasting - On the rocks with a squeeze of lime, as a tonic with a squeeze of lime, or in cocktails.


Basile Hedonist, summer's slow drink

Simple, fresh and divine, discover this delicious cocktail made with Hedonist liqueur, basil and lime.


In a large wine glass
Fill with ice cubes,
Add 3 or 4 fresh basil leaves.
Add 1 wedge of squeezed lime.
Add 4 cl of Hedonist liqueur.
Add lemonade
A turn of the mixing spoon,


Hedonist AWARDS :
Platinum medal (97/100) at Bordeaux Inside Spirits Competition 2017
Silver medal at WSWA Orlando 2017
Silver medal Cologne Tasting 2015
Bronze medal International Spirit Challenge London 2017
Silver medal Hong Kong HKWSC 2014

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