Pastis Louis Roque - Souillac

Pastis Louis Roque - Souillac

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This ancient recipe, whose premises we find in 1907 under the denomination of "Liqueur d'Anisette" and then under the name of pastis "Pur l'eau" in 1922 is restored to the taste of the day to the delight of pastis lovers.

ELABORATION. It is through the combined marriage of infusion and distillation that plants and spices release all their aromas. Here, licorice, absinthe, mugwort, fennel ... give this beverage the delicate balance between roundness and freshness.

TASTING. Because of its delicate elaboration and the finesse of the plants and spices used, Pastis respects the palate leaving it free for the meal that will follow. Of great richness, one can dilute it with a lot or little fresh water according to the taste of each one, without losing the essential of its aroma.


About the Producer

The southern French region of Gascony evokes an agrarian idyll. Here the food is cooked in duck fat and big industry is farming and fishing. The luscious range of fruits that ripen here has inspired generations of winemakers and distillers.

One local, Louis Roque, discovered his fondness for fruit distillates and honed his focus on elevage and blending early in the 1900s. Roque became known as the local plum brandy expert, aging eau-de-vie in barrels and constantly monitoring its development. Roque's reputation for quality elevated this spirit from oddity to regional specialty.

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