Michel Huard - Calvados 20 Years
Michel Huard - Calvados 20 Years
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Michel Huard - Calvados 20 Years

$ 1,500
$ 1,500

This brandy pours a lovely amber color. Aromas of baked apple are at the forefront joined to hints of vanilla, baking spices and an intriguing floral note.

On the palate flavors of baked apple compote, a touch of caramel, apple skin and almonds all present themselves for your palate’s enjoyment.

To finish the taste, this possesses a long, penetrating finish.


The harvest of apples takes place in November, the fruits are carefully stored until their maturity in aroma and sugar. The apples are then carefully ground, stacked and pressed. The juice is fermented in the cellar at a temperature of 10 °. The juice becomes cider, as soon as it has the title 6 ° of alcohol it is distilled in a column still called «the first jet». Calvados thus extracted must titrate approximately 70 ° to receive the appellation: Calvados of Controlled Origin.

The aging of Calvados Huard is done in oak barrels, first in new barrels so that the tannin gives it the color of its coat, then aging. Throughout these years the Calvados Huard is the object of attentive care: the park of casks, barrels and casks is regularly renewed, the evolution of each vintage is controlled in order to have the certainty to offer a Grand Calvados.

COUNTRY France (Normandy)


AGEING 20 Years


About the Producer

The Huard family has lived on their orchard property in the Suisse-Normand for more than seven generations. Nearly 1,800 trees grace the 15 hectares (37 acres) property. The soil is loamy, composed of an ideal combination of silt and clay. About 30 varieties of apples are grown on the property. The cider from these apples is fermented and aged for about eight months, then distilled in a travelling column still. The spirits then go into large, elongated barrels, where they age until maturity.

If one were to consider the properties of Camut and Giard from the Domaine de Montreuil as the most stunning examples of hautes-tiges plantings in the Pays d’Auge, and Lemorton as the most revered property in the Domfrontais, the Huard property would have to be considered the most admired in AOC Calvados.

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