Introduction of Liqueur Granier

The "Liqueur Granier"

An organic artisanal liqueur is a spirit drink containing at least 100g of sugar per litre and resulting from the perfect aromatisation of an alcoholic base using fruit or plants by various skilful processes, including maceration or infusion, which are reserved for the master liqueur-maker. The alcohol acts as a solvent, capturing the taste, colour and fragrance of the agricultural produce.


The origins of artisanal and organic liqueurs date back to the Middle Ages.

Doctors such as Arnaud de Villeneuve and Jean Brouaut began producing herbal spirits with medicinal properties, popularising the distillation of alcohol and its gentle, skilful blending with herbs. This is what led to the development of today's real liqueurs.

They originated both in France, in the monasteries, and with the Jesuits of Verona, whose liqueur was imported to France by Catherine de Médicis.


From the source of Lake Annecy to Vincent's Verbena



Stéphane Granier, a former basketball player, embarked on this adventure with a passion, learning the liquor-making trade through hard work and patience. He set up his business in Seynod, not far from Annecy.


The ingredients for a good liqueur are simple: alcohol, fresh and dried herbs, fruit, zest, flowers, honey, sugar, coffee, spices... But Stéphane has even higher standards: he selects organic products, from short supply chains and, if possible, from the most traditional production methods possible.

He had to learn how to prepare the ingredients correctly, master the infusion and maceration times, and manage the importance of contact with oxygen - all seemingly insignificant details that can completely change the final result.



Stéphane Granier's organic liqueurs are all about finesse!

Stéphane has decided to favour the principle of infusion, avoiding over-extraction of the aroma. All the production is done by Stéphane himself, by hand (maceration, filtration, bottling, labelling, corking and polishing).

The aim is simple: to focus on finesse and smoothness by offering liqueurs that are fresh, not too sweet, not too heavy in alcohol, pleasant and easy to drink from aperitif to digestive.

The first production run of 1,200 bottles in October 2020 has clearly hit the target: we love the organic liqueurs of Mint, Verbena and Gentian, the first two for their sweetness, balance and finesse, the third for its strong character!


Fresh cocktail recipe ideas for summer 

- 9 cl "Verveine de Vincent"
- 12 cl Crémant
- sparkling water
- lemon slice

- 2 cl Saint-Germain liqueur  
- 5cl Vodka
- 2cl lime juice
- Perrier