Kings County Whisky🥃🌆🇺🇸

Kings County Distillery is New York City's oldest, largest, and premier whiskey distillery, the first since prohibition.

Founded in 2010, Kings County makes handmade bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys out of the 123-year-old Paymaster Building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

"We started by making whisky at home. This gave us the opportunity to learn for ourselves what makes a good whisky - in some cases, our answers confirmed conventional wisdom, but more often they overturned it."

 That's why their whisky is special, its taste is a reflection of their values. "In our view, whisky-making is more than a business : it's a historical, agricultural, political and gastronomic act. And it should be a pleasure." Colin Spoelman, co-founder and master distiller.


Originally located in a 325-square-foot room in East Williamsburg, Kings County began as the smallest commercial distillery in the country, with five 24-liter stainless steel stills making whiskey seven days a week, 16 hours a day.



In 2012, the distillery relocated to the Paymaster Building in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard district, just steps from the legendary site of the 1860s Brooklyn Whiskey Wars and the old waterfront distillery district.

Kings County blends distilling practices from diverse cultures to create creative whiskeys that remain traditional yet defy convention, using copper Scotch stills, open fermentation and local grains to produce category-expanding American whiskeys. The American Distilling Institute named Kings County Distillery of the Year in 2016, making them one of the leading craft distilleries in the US.



Kings County whiskeys have won numerous awards from the American Distilling Institute, for example, and been hailed by the New York Times, the New Yorker and many other sources. Kings County whiskeys are always milled, fermented, distilled and aged on site in Brooklyn.



Making Whiskey From Grain To Bottle.

They distill only whiskey for their brand and never sell whiskey from any other source. Bourbon and American whiskey are growing in popularity, and craft spirits - those produced from grain to bottle by independent distillers - are at the forefront of this trend.

Kings County is at the forefront of the movement artisanal movement balancing tradition & creativity:

✓ A true spirit of craftsmanship from grain to glass
✓ Authentic, non-traditional whiskies
✓ Careful attention to brand integrity and transparency
✓ Sourcing of organic, local or GMO-free cereals 
✓ Distilling for quality rather than yield, using real stills
✓ A radical departure from commercial whisky