Genepi : The traditional liquor in the French High Alps🏔️🌼

Génépi is mostly made from genepi plants native to alpine region of France. It is a traditional herbal liqueur flavored with the aromatic flowers of select plants from the Artemisia genus (more commonly known as wormwood). 
The genepi flower is a rare and solitary plant that grows only in the mountains in places where it has no competition, from 2000 meters above sea level, in the rocky bars. It is a protected flower forbidden to be picked up. 
Génépi is related to absinthe in that its namesake botanicals are derived from the same Artemisia genus.  


A traditional herbal liqueur. Although génépi contains sugar and is often served as a digestif, the liqueur has more of a distinct herbal flavor profile reminiscent of chamomile rather than a sweet, dessert-style liqueur. Traditionally, génépi is produced by a "rule of 40" - it combines 40 cubes of sugar and 40 sprigs of the génépi plant to be steeped in a 40-proof neutral spirit for at least 40 days. This creates a pale gold liqueur with some samples on the market of a bright green color of which is achieved through the addition of food coloring. 


Our exclusive pick:

Natural Asia Pacific is proud to distribute exclusively in Hong Kong the Génépi Guillaumette, produced in an artisanal way, by maceration, and elaborated in the purest artisanal tradition, which gives so much aroma and its beautiful golden color. 

Naturally well balanced and integrated, it has a sweet and savory accent. A sweet almond flavor greets the entry into the mouth, accented by delicate mountain flowers, with a bitter herbal finish carried by a mouthwatering acidity.



Genépi Guillaumette has its own flower culture in the Parc National des Ecrins which allows them to use a perfectly matured flower.


The Guillaumette factory is nestled in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes, a stone's throw from the Parc National des Ecrins, a national park where the genepi blades are harvested.


The artisanal authenticity has been passed down through the Bernard-Reymond family for several generations. Today, Thomas Bernard-Reymond produces this rare and wonderful spirit based on his grandparents' recipe and using a combination of génépi that he grows and harvests by hand on his farm and in the local mountains. 


Why we love Génépi Guillaumette.

It is only by selecting the best flower (Hautes-Alpes IGP) and by judiciously dosing the other elements that they manage to elaborate a liqueur as full of aromas and colors, no other product is added (artificial flavouring, coloring).

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