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Calvados is an apple brandy with Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status. It can only be  produced in Normandy, much like Cognac is a specific brandy that can only be distilled from white wine made within a particular region from certain grapes. Calvados isn’t distilled from wine grapes, however. It begins as cider.


Get a taste of Michel Huard

For 7 generations, Jean-François Guillouet-Huard's family has been producing Calvados Millésimé and Pommeau from their 15-hectare orchard planted with rigorously selected high-stem apple trees.



The apples are harvested in November, and then carefully stored until their aroma and sugar levels are ripe. Carefully inspected, the apples are then crushed, stacked and pressed, and the juice is fermented in a cellar at a temperature of 10°.

The juice becomes cider, and as soon as it contains 6° alcohol, it is distilled in a column still known as "le premier jet". Calvados extracted in this way must have an alcohol content of around 70° to qualify for the Calvados d'Origine Contrôlée appellation.

Calvados Huard is aged in oak barrels, first in new barrels to allow the tannin to give it its color, then in ageing barrels.


A young Calvados with a light aroma and a rounded taste. The drink is made by distilling apple cider from selected apples. With its moderate price and fairly young age, Fine is a natural choice for cocktails, but don’t let that put one off of sipping it neat. It has the bright, crisp acidity of fresh apple flesh, along with woodsy tannins and just a hint of vanilla. It’s a fantastic value for the price, making it an easy addition to any home bar.




Throughout these years, Huard Calvados is the object of attentive care : the stock of casks, barrels and foudres is regularly renewed, and the evolution of each vintage is monitored, so that we can be certain of offering a Grand Calvados.

All our production is marketed as Calvados Millésimé. Each order is bottled individually, as Calvados is only aged in barrels.