Verveine de Vincent

Verveine de Vincent

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A fresh verbena, not too heavy in alcohol, pleasant and easy to drink, as an aperitif, as a shot, as a digestive and above all for simple pleasure...

Artisanal and organic, it comes from organic farming, hence its certification by label. The production is entirely done by hand (maceration, filtration, bottling, labeling, corking and waxing of the bottles) by us.

It is our very first creation, baptized for several years the Verveine de Vincent (V.V) by our customers.

A liqueur at 26°, prepared in the purest of liqueur traditions on a base of 100g of sugar per litre.

It is infused with Verbena and Coriander picked by our Sicarappam pickers. Our Organic Lemongrass comes from the best Egyptian farms (the closest and most eco-responsible place to find 100% natural lemongrass)

Our Organic Lemon Zest made from the famous cultures of Menton and made to measure for the needs of Maison Granier.



Established in 2015, Liqueurs Granier was formed with the aim of creating delicious, balanced and original digestifs. After a long period of market research, (and sampling a huge variety) of both artisanal and industrial liqueurs, Vincent Granier came up with the idea of producing his own organic, handmade and short- circuit liquor. Artisanal and organic values lie at the heart of the Granier brothers, all of their products are from organic farming. From the production of the base syrup and distillate to the selection and preparation of botanicals, supervision of the maceration process, to filtration and finishing, all elements of the process are carried out by hand, including the bottling, labelling and wax capping of the bottles.