Tovaritch Vodka

Tovaritch Vodka

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TOVARITCH! vodka is made of spring wheat and rye sourced in the Volga region known for its lavish harvests of high-grade grain. In their quest to produce the best in class vodka, the TOVARITCH! team controls every part of the product from selecting seeds to bottling.

Another key element of high-end vodka is water. According to studies, it accounts for 56% of the quality of the final product. TOVARITCH! uses water from an underground well. The water passes through sand filters to remove iron and is softened through sodium-cation exchange filters. Any remaining inorganic solids are removed by reverse osmosis treatment.

The vodka is distilled 5 times.

TASTING NOTES The nose is pure and subtle with authentic notes of fresh lime and a delicate hint of eucalyptus and lemon flower. The entry is incredibly smooth and leads to a very clean, fresh palate with a characteristic ‘bread’ flavor. The afterlife is hot without being fiery.


Volume 700ml


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