Rum Island Signature Collection - Yellow Snake (Jamaica)

Rum Island Signature Collection - Yellow Snake (Jamaica)

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Expresses the singularity of the production of rums from Jamaica

Yellow Snake perfectly expresses the singularity of the production of rums from Jamaica. Name of the endemic python of the island, this rum reveals - all in finesse - the power and the particularity of this great terroir. To offer the most representative aromatic palette, it is the result of the assembly of rums from several distilleries of the island. 100% molasses and no added sugar, it reflects the quintessence of the Jamaican style.



View: Elegant golden robe, with hues of mahogany. Fatty aspect.

Nose: Sugar cane, vanilla and fresh crushed spices. On the second nose tropical fruits and light spices.

Taste: An harmony of pepper, flowers and fruits (guava jelly, dark banana, yellow plum); long finish with vanilla and peppers.


Yellow Snake can be enjoyed alone, or with cocktails such as the Moscow Mule or Cuba Libre.

VOLUME 700ml

About Island Signature Collection

With four cuvées from Mauritius, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, the colorful Island Signature collection reveals rums of great freshness that express the uniqueness of their terroir of origin.

In the greatest French tradition, each of these Grands Crus is the fruit of a complex blend coming from different distilleries and thus revealing the organoleptic cartography of the main origins of rum.

All rums in the Island Signature Collection feature a particularly complex blend. This «French Touch» that we claim is the secular know-how, making the reputation of France in alcohol in general and in rums in particular.