HSE - Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux «Rozelieures»

HSE - Rhum Agricole Extra Vieux «Rozelieures»

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Limited Edition - HSE Finition Single Malt Rozelieures 2013

After more than 6 years ageing in oak barrels, as is the HSE tradition, this vintage rum has been enhanced by a further four to five months in barrels previously used for peated KILCHOMAN whisky, a single malt from Scotland's Islay region.

The rum was distilled in November 2013, and spent 6 years in oak barrels. It was then finished for at least 8 months, to be bottled in February 2020. This edition is limited to 4100 bottles.


The first nose opens with aromas of cocoa, dried fruits and citrus fruits, to which are added subtle smoky and spicy notes.

The palate offers a lively attack where flavors of toasted cereals, stewed fruits and rare spices are developed, characteristic of old AOC Martinique HSE rums.

COUNTRY Martinique

AGEING 6 years in Oak barrel + 8 months in whisky barrels.

VOLUME 500ml


About The Producer


Cultivate the difference....and set off to explore one of the most beautiful brands of Rhums from Martinique. Habitation Saint Etienne produces unique Rhums with an ancestral knowledge 150 years ago. HSE was modelled after “La Maugée”, a sugar refinery covering over 400 hectares from Gros Morne to Saint Joseph in the early 19th century. The architectural structure, including the master’s house, overlooking the distillery and the old workers’ huts, reflect a typical farm in Martinique.

Martinique’s rhum agricole’s is granted a protected designation of origin. (A.O.C.) since 1996, Martinique is the only rum-producing region in the world to have this status. The A.O.C. label certifies the quality, character and authenticity of Martinique’s rums. HSE has built its reputation thanks to its creativity, in particular in terms of aging and finish. The famous signature has the widest variety of barrels, whether in terms of size, the origin of wood or types of heaters.

HSE also has a dozen cellars where more than 6,000 barrels age. It is also distinguished by the very light filtration practiced before bottling: a bias which allows it to preserve all the aromatic profile and the richness of its rums.