Domaine Les Terres Promises - Bandol La Chance 2018

Domaine Les Terres Promises - Bandol La Chance 2018

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  Biodynamic Wine



After a short maceration and a vinification under the stars, it was raised in tanks.


Worthy of the biggest Bandol, this new cuvée by Jean-Christophe Comor benefits from the same atten- tion as the rest of the domain. Cultivated and vinified naturally, it expresses all the complexity and elegance of its terroir.
This first vintage is a very nice success, very beautiful balance, dense enough to consider a guard of a few years, if you can resist ...


Jean-Christophe Comor used to give himself body and soul to politics. In those days, he would spend most of his time in ministers’office or attending some backroom meetings. He fought indefatigably never giving up the fight but in 2004 he threw up the towel. His new life began in Roquebrussanne which is located in the foothills of Massif de la Sainte Baume (in the Var). This is the time when the Domaine des Terre Promises was born. But Jean-Christophe had a huge job ahead of him: clearing the land, uprooting stumps, cutting down olive trees, wild oaks, brooms or other small shrubs. In Roman times there were already vines growing there.

The man converted and so did the vines which, from this time, would be tended organically. The whole scene unfolded under the amazed gaze of his neighbours who thought he was probably not in his right mind. And Jean-Christophe went even further by turning to hand-harvesting, the use of ambient yeasts, no acidulation and tiny doses of sulphites.