Domaine Grosbois - Chinon 2017

Domaine Grosbois - Chinon 2017

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 Biodynamic Wine

Vinified by Nicolas Grosbois in Panzoult in native yeasts, very few sulphites and organic grapes.

The Cabernet Franc is polished, the texture is ample and filled with freshness. The fruit is juicy and flavourful with delicious notes of ripe fruit.
This wine with a gourmet character, is a red at the same time complex, long, suave with a beautiful tannin removed. The finish is remarkable, incredibly elegant.


Les Tètes is a story of four buddies who wanted to take back a vineyard to produce great whites. In parallel, and using the beautiful terroirs grolleau / gamay / cabernet franc and sauvignon on the estate, their objective was to create the wine brand Les Tètes, only organic wines with the principle of using only indigenous yeasts and very few sulphite. This materialized their story of them being friends since les Tètes bear their 4 first names.

Moreover, this allowed them, on the one hand, to produce wines from an estate within the limits of the plots they own, and, on the other, to enjoy themselves with the grapes they sell elsewhere in Touraine and to obtain in assembly exactly what they wanted on Les Tètes.