Rum Island Signature Collection - Anacaona (Dominican Republic)

Rum Island Signature Collection - Anacaona (Dominican Republic)

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Expresses the refinement and delicacy of Santo Domingo spirits

This long time before christopher columbus landed on the island of hispaniola, the tainos developed a rich culture.

Among them anacaona was a cacica, renowned for her beauty, her ballads and her poetic creativity. Inspired by her memory, tribute to her fineness, our gran reserva rum expresses the subtel and fresh side of the domican rum.

The bright gold color of this dominican gran reserva rum is relative to anacaona’s name which means in tainos gold flower.



View: Bright gold, very fatty

Nose: Delicate and subtle seduction; notes of mead and tropical flowers

Taste: Suavity enhanced by fresh spicy notes; grey pepper, honey and mild chili pepper. Delicate, all suavity and charm.


Anacaona can be enjoyed neat, or reveals its freshness in a Rum Collins, with sparkling water and a dash of lime.

COUNTRY Dominican Republic
VOLUME 700ml

About Island Signature Collection

With four cuvées from Mauritius, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, the colorful Island Signature collection reveals rums of great freshness that express the uniqueness of their terroir of origin.

In the greatest French tradition, each of these Grands Crus is the fruit of a complex blend coming from different distilleries and thus revealing the organoleptic cartography of the main origins of rum.

All rums in the Island Signature Collection feature a particularly complex blend. This «French Touch» that we claim is the secular know-how, making the reputation of France in alcohol in general and in rums in particular.