Michel Couvreur - Very Sherried Single 25 years

Michel Couvreur - Very Sherried Single 25 years

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A 'Very Sherried' single malt whisky from Independent French whisky bottler, Michel Couvreur. Distilled 17th September 1991 and aged for 25 years in extremely impregnated and old Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. Beautifully presented, one of only 600 bottles filled.

Tasting Notes: An old fashioned whisky with an extreme influence of Sherry. Intense silky texture with flavours of vanilla and almond. A fascinating tropical-style!

 COUNTRY France (Bourgogne)




About the producer

Michel Couvreur whisky’s style is acquired by years of long contact with Sherry or other different impregnated wine casks. Now to what makes them so unique: the cellars. Tucked away in a little village, Bouze-lès- Beaune, halfway between Andalusia and Scotland, they look like a cave which is 15 metres deep with some 150 metres of galleries dug in limestone but giving humidity, silence, calm and depth. A choice of cask and a delicate dance of maturation between dry and damp places, Michel Couvreur whiskies are incredibly

flavourful, intense and soft all at the same time. Style and nobility are acquired following many years of ageing.

What makes Michel Couvreur’s Whiskies so special is not the distilled base product but the choice of barrels they have been selecting. They keep a very special attention to the choice of barrel, spending a lot of time and money looking for the most unique barrels down all over Europe.