Artha Rosé - Egiategia

Artha Rosé - Egiategia

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Biodynamic Wine


This cuvée of Egiategia is named after the dike in front of which the wine tanks are immersed for the second alcoholic fermentation. As soon as the vats are removed from the ocean, the wine is bottled. Artha reveals a unique aromatic profile and a very fine perlage that only this underwater vinification can give.


"Pressurage champenois, détourbage serré à froid" and first fermentation in stainless steel vats as for a sparkling wine. Once this first fermentation is complete, part of this wine undergoes a second fermentation (tirage or prise de mousse) in vats and underwater at a depth of 15m in the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.


Aromas of red fruit and grapefruit with very fine bubbles to preserve the wine.


In 2007, Emmanuel Poirmeur filed a patent for subsea wine vinification and ageing. This new technique involves using the sea to deliver all the physical conditions needed for winemaking: pressure, darkness, constant temperature and - most important of all – motion generated by tides.

Since 2008, EGIATEGIA has carried out fermentations in tanks immersed 15 metres deep in the Bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. This stage corresponds to the second alcoholic fermentation, also known as sparkling method or “tirage” or “prise de mousse” in sparkling winemaking processes. This stage supports the often neglected or little known yet essential role of yeasts in the winemaking process.